PD*291352761. Did you park in a fire lane? Tisk Tisk Tisk! a. You will be towed promptly without notice. Why? the Fire Department is watching the show, we don’t want to be shut down b. Call Lyons Towing to get your car back Ph# will be posted. You are liable for damage and all fees. 2. Parking at Columbine Library west of the show may get you towed also.


** Please note that if it rains show will go on but their will be NO Preferred Parking due to space only for Show Cars.

$10 Preferred Parking Preferred Parking is back by popular demand!Eligible Vehicles.( any VW  w/ Air-cooled or water cooled engine, and  Porsche that have Air-cooled engines only)** Audi’s Included 2017 *

  1. Preferred Parking allows you to park on the grass next to the show cars for a reduced fee. Why waste your eligible vehicle in the parking lot? Show it off in Preferred Parking and have the convenience and security of having your car close at hand. Follow signs the day of the show to Preferred Parking. Also, gate staff can guide you.
  2. For that reduced fee of $10 [cash only], you may park any eligible vehicle on the grass next to the Show Cars. Show off for just a Sawbuck!
  3. There is no pre-registration or reservation for Preferred Parking so get there early, space is on a first come first served basis. The show is expected to sell out again this year.
  4. Vehicles eligible for Preferred Parking. ( any VW  w/ Air-cooled or water cooled engine, and  Porsche that have Air-cooled engines only.)


volkswagen-logo-grassjpgFree Parking:  Click Here There is free parking in the L shaped lot east of the show at Pierce and Bowles. It is about a mile walk from there to the show. Consider Preferred Parking so you can park IN the show on the grass where you can see your car and have ready access to it. See Preferred Parking above.

Old School Air Cooled VW's, VW's and Air Cooled Porsche's