Time-Line, Sponsors, Vendor Packs


Vendor or Sponsor’s Packet: We will gladly send you a no-obligation packet to review. Email your contact information to the club at vwec.org@live.com to request your packet. If you are selling automotive tools, a car or car parts, you are a swapper not a vendor, see Swap Page. There is no show without Sponsors and Vendors!

Sponsor’s Packet: Email your contact information to the club at vwec.org@live.com to request a Sponsor’s packet.

9-3pm: Free General Admission. The show closes at 3pm. If you win a trophy and you have not picked it up by 3pm, it goes in the dumpster. Every year several people find out from a friend that they left the show before they got their trophy. It is our goal to announce trophy winners by 1pm. Sorry if you lose out on a trophy. We understand that there are many reasons that may cause you to leave the show early but .. after the show all the volunteers are too exhausted to deal with replacement trophies.

All Day: We can’t stress it enough, the fire department will be checking up on the show so, throughout the time line: if your vehicle blocks a fire lane or parks in a posted space, we will have the vehicle towed promptly and without notice.  If you need to stage a tow vehicle and / or trailer, do this at the L shaped lot east of the show at Bowles and Pierce.  Sorry, there is no space in the show or on the frontage road for this equipment.Fiery-B8D51207

Before 630am: Do not line up for the show before this time. The unpaid volunteers work hard all day. There is a limit to how early they can start. If you feel you have to be there before this time, pay attention to signs and fire lanes and DO NOT leave your car. If you see show vehicles on the field ahead of 6:30am, they belong to the people who are doing the work to put the show on. 630am: queuing for parking in the show (Preferred Parking OR Show Cars) starts at this time. 7:00: (at the latest) Preferred Parking and Show Cars start moving on to the field. Follow gate staff directions and park your car in the show. If you are competing, take your registration materials to the club canopy to complete registration. Sadly, this step was skipped by several people who did not look in their registration bag last year.  This year, there are no bags.

Fiery-B8D512087 – 9:30am: The VWEC club canopy will open to register show cars for trophy classes.

8:00: The VWEC club canopy is open to answer questions and take applications for membership and 2017 Car Show Shirt sales.

8:30 – 10: Volunteer judges report to the VWEC club canopy. Ask for the Judge Coordinator. Do this as early as 8:30am but best not later than 9:30am. The Judge Coordinator has forms, a pen, clipboard, badge and a collectable ceramic tile for you.

10- 11:  Judging happens in this time frame. Judges Have your forms in by 11:00. Please don’t make us track you down. Also, we need the clipboards back!

Public voting needs to be in by Noon Also

Noon – 1: Votes for Best in Show and Best Patina are tallied.

1pm: Trophy winners are announced.

2pm: Clean up starts.

3pm: Show closes, unclaimed trophies are discarded.

330pm: All cars need to be off the grass.

345pm: Break down of the ramps begins.

445pm: Show is packed up and off the grass.

500pm: VWEC turns full control of the grounds over to Foothills Recreation.


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